Is it really that bad at the moment?


No. Next question.


what bad?


Was there last week.

Absolutely fucking yes.


It’s always been good but also massively horrible. It’s just how it is.


How’d you mean?


I’ve thought about leaving because it’s expensive and the places I liked are losing character, and I just don’t make the most of it.

When I do go out it’s a bit like:


I think he’s asking how many times I’ve been stabbed or shot this week.


Can’t wait to leave again :hugs:


It’ll get better in November:



For me personally there’s sort of a sliding scale of my contentedness, with London being absolute 0, rural Yorkshire being 100. Manchester being about 70 (would probably be 55-60ish if i wasn’t from there), pretty much everything over about 80’s by the sea or in the countryside. Virtually nowhere in the South-East of England’s above 25 bar the odd coastal town, but most of the South-West seems lovely.


When will it end?


Thought and prayer


Shithole, full of cunts…

Are we talking about anything London-centric specifically here?


Never been. Looks ok on Paddington and Paddington 2.

Places you have (never) been

Talk about what you like tbh.
I was wondering if this moped/theft/gang/murder/death/kill thing is really an actual thing or whether it is all press scaremongering.



What about in comparison to London in previous years? I was wondering if is just similar numbers but the press have decided to really publicise it this year?


Why did the person making that infographic think a squished dotted outline of a footballer would add to the message?


Lovely volley tekkers.