mate I don’t open my curtains


You should. 7.40 Sunday. Be there.


That was Hertfordshire’s fault, definitely outside London.

TW: suicide

(Also it was because someone was hit by a train, closing the whole West Coast Mainline)


I can just feel my mouth drying up at the thought.


That bike lane is fucking useless. Obviously your average pedestrian doesn’t have a clue what they are doing the large majority of the time, but there is virtually nothing to distinguish it properly from the pavement…


Hmmm. Beckenham is a dive. At least the pubs/bars on the main High Street bit are.


Wtf, Beckenham is incredibly posh


some fucking weird things being said itt


When I went to Bromley it had a real village feel. I’ve felt that same feeling when I’ve been to Chester. The only person I know who lives in Bromley is a chiropractor or chiropodist. Whichever one is a pseudo medicine.


Beckenham isn’t incredibly posh, nor is it a dive. Its nice, but nothing special.

I spent a lot of my teenage years around Beckenham and Bromley.