Londoners – looking for recommendations on good leisure centres for swimming (lane swimming not fun pool) please

Preferably ones managed by Everyone Active as I’ve a swim pass.


Depends where and when you want to swim.

I go to my local Better pool in Leytonstone. They do Swim For Fitness (where they rope off four lanes) every morning before work.

looking at the Seven Islands Leisure Centre in Rotherhithe actually but I’m out and about alot around London.

Anything in Hoxton say?

Or Marshall Street Centre in central London looks good!

Ironmongers Row?

My local. Classic Victorian pool, refurbished in 2012/2013.

30m lanes, segregated for slow, medium, fast and front crawl only. Managed by GLL (aka Better) though.

Marshall Street’s great - three wide lanes most of the day, gets mildly busy at lunch and really busy around 5.30/6 but otherwise usually quiet. If you can be bothered getting up to Bayswater, the Porchester Baths are really pretty. The Queen Mother Sports Centre by Victoria’s alright too. They’re the best Everyone Active ones.