Lone Wolfs Club 🐺

any other lone wolfs like me out there? do you want to be in my lone wolf club?

  • I’m in! :wolf:
  • No thanks, I’d rather stay with the sheeple :sheep:

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What totally badass lone wolf stuff have you done lately? For me, I like to wear my headphones out in public and on the bus so I don’t have to interact with people, I prefer my own company to that of sheeple! How about you guys?

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I really want to be part of your Lone Wolf Club. I want to feel a part of something bigger than just myself.

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is marckee in the club? i need to know before i submit my application

*checks poll*


I’m a mortgage dingo


voted no, as I’d rather be in my own she-wolf club…thanks for the offer though!


Like you I prefer my own company, but if we all join a “Lone Wolfs Club” it goes against the point?


oh that’s a shame! all the best though

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I had to google what that meant… oh.

I’ve had a long day already.

I see myself as a wolf in sheeple’s clothing.

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is that what the clubhouse is called?


most people in my office take their lunch break at 2pm, but i’m going out by myself at 1 :wolf:

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quit the internet for 2 weeks last year.

Pretty lone wolf right?

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you should’ve been able to get a guardian opinion piece out of that


was fun just played a lot of Metal Gear Solid V and watched Breaking Bad.

Was really exciting to get back online though

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I don’t think you’d fit into Lone Wolf Club at all.

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2pm is a ludicrous time to have lunch


Yeah you’re right. Think I’ll leave you all to it.