Lonesome Crowded West is now 20 years old

What a great album Eh? Legit one of the finest indie rock albums of all time. Has so much character to it. The drums, guitar tone, bass lines and Isaacs yelp and angelic lispy voice. Nothing else really like it is there? I’m going to listen to it today


Because Cowboy Dan’s a major player in the cowboy scene
He goes to the reservation, drinks and gets mean
He goes to the desert, fires his rifle in the sky
And says, "God, if I have to die, you will have to die"
Because Cowboy Dan’s a major player in the cowboy scene
He “didn’t move to the city, the city moved to me
And I want out desperately”


‘I didn’t move to the city, the city moved to me’ is a great line.


It’s far and away their best album. They hit it (semi) big after Moon and Antarctica and Good News but Lonesome is a classic. I think I saw them twice at The Garage before they became more popular. Brilliant gigs and a brilliant album.

Yep, still probably my favourite ever album (as you might have guessed from the name)… so many amazing and bizarre ideas and so much about it feels completely unique, but it all holds together to make something really cohesive and affecting.
Crazy to think the whole thing was recorded when Isaac Brock was 21, Eric Judy was 22 and Jeremiah Green was 19(!)

Might give it a listen later and write some thoughts…

My initial thoughts. Shit Luck is still one of the most fun songs to sing a long to


Remember pitchfork gushing about the moon and Antarctica so it got the band name on my radar. When I spotted this album in avalanche in Glasgow I picked it up without having heard a note. Took a few listens but then I was hooked and my fondness for it grew and grew as the years passed. The moon and Antarctica is nowhere near as good so I’m glad this was the album that was my introduction to them.

Yeah Shit Luck is the best.

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esp on a plane

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One of my all-time dogs, hovering around top ten records of all time:


I’m sticking this on right now! Not listened to it in a while, stone cold classic, and yeah probably one of my all-time favourites. I was only 5 when it came out tho, didn’t actually hear it until about 10 years later, whenever it was that they were live band of the week on The O.C.

Absolute classic. One of my favourites.

Reaaaaaally worried Isaacs Brock might turn out to be a sex pest though.


was so disappointed last time i saw them live that they didn’t play anything from it (also the sound was shit)

Cowboy Dan is incredible live

He was accused of rape in 99 but the case with withdrawn. There isn’t anything, that I can find at least, from the accuser but here is Isaacs comments on the situation for it’s worth.

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in: The Modest Mouse Wiki
Isaac Brock

Table of Contents

“I’m not a big fan of the interview. It’s a lot of questions I don’t have answers for, a lot of questions about the music industry. I make music; I don’t give a fuck about all the details of why it’s different being on a major label than it is being on an indie label. So go ahead and cross that one off.” -Isaac Brock


Isaac K. Brock was born July 9th, 1975 in Helena, Montana, and grew up in Issaquah, Washington. He is currently 41 years of age and the lead vocalist, guitarist, ukelelist, pianist, and banjoist of the successful American Indie Rock group Modest Mouse. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon. Brock has released over 11 albums with his band Modest Mouse, 4 more albums with his side project “Ugly Casanova”, and now runs a label of his own: “Glacial Pace Records”. As a result of these accomplishments, Brock is considered an Indie Rock legend. The band Modest Mouse formed in 1993 and began playing in a makeshift stage known as “The Shed”, for literally being a shed beside Isaac’s mother’s house. While learning to play and befriending his band-mates, he made the decision to drop out of high school at the age of 16. He grew up in a '90s era Washington, USA responsible for bands like Nirvana and Screaming Trees. Brock released Blue Cadet-3, Do You Connect? as a debut track and This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About as a debut album, which was not initially successful. The smash hit that got Modest Mouse the fame they never cared for and the money that they never really minded, Good News For People Who Love Bad News, was released in 2004. Throughout his career, he’s been hit with many unwanted and fan-cherished interviews, putting tabs on his ups and downs. Through misanthropy, tragedy, drug abuse, alcoholism, pessimism, musical experimentation, success, failure, divided audiences, religious controversy, prison, girlfriends, recruited members, disposed members, and most importantly Indie Rock, Isaac Brock has withstood it all and somehow managed to come out on top.

Views, Personality and Lifestyle

Brock has been accused of being a manic depressive and widely known for his misanthropic and atheistic views, however as is apparent in interviews and footage, not all adds up to be true. His philosophies may be dark, but his mood doesn’t have to be. Isaac considers himself an atheist, or “pretty much atheist”, but “has his thoughts”.

“Do you consider Yourself an Atheist?”

“Pretty much, but there are things that make me think. Like that guy who played Jesus [Jim Caviezel] getting hit by lightning during the filming of that movie? That just makes you think, “I can’t be 100 percent sure.” But I’m not going to change my game plan anyway. I don’t think I’m living wrong in the first place, so when the lights go out on me, and brighter ones come on and I have to talk to some guy with a big, bushy beard, or some big glowing blob, I think I’m going to be fine. I’m 100 percent on the whole Christianity thing being a crock of shit, pretty much, but I don’t give a fuck if other people are religious. Believe what you want. Whatever makes the day easier for you.”

-Isaac Brock in an interview with The Onion A.V. Club

Isaac Brock has never married, but has had many girlfriends from all over throughout the years. A notable attribute to his singing career, Isaac possesses a lisp that he is not proud of, yet his fans typically take it in pride.


Isaac Brock has served as the lead in Modest Mouse and his side project Ugly Casanova. Albums written by Brock include:

Blue Cadet-3, Do You Connect? (1994)

This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About (1996)

The Fruit That Ate Itself (1997)

The Lonesome Crowded West (1997)

The Moon and Antarctica(2000)

Building Nothing Out Of Something (2001)

Everywhere And His Nasty Parlour Tricks (2001)

Sad Sappy Sucker (2001)

Good News For People Who Love Bad News (2004)

Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again (2004)

We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank (2007)

No One’s First, And You’re Next (2009)

Magic Eye Single No. 4: White (1997 Ugly Casanova)

Diggin Holes" b/w "Babys Clean Conscience (2002 Ugly Casanova)

Sharpen Your Teeth (2002 Ugly Casanova)

180 Degrees South: Conquerors of the Useless (2010 Ugly Casanova)

Strangers to Ourselves (2015)

Drug Use

Isaac Brock has written to, admitted to, and even written songs about extensive drug use and alcoholism. Drugs hes admitted to using range from meth to marijuana, acid to crack. There was a period of time in his life where he possessed an “up for anything” mentality.

“There’s been a lot of drug abuse. The only drugs I’ve ever actually written any music on are pills, pot, and alcohol. Acid or coke, you can’t write songs on that shit. I kind of regret how much I did drugs. There was a point in time when it seemed like a good plan, but it probably wasn’t. Especially inhalants, and shit like that—I think I was a bit brighter before I did that. Inhalants and meth were probably the two things that totally fucking screwed me out of some brain cells.”

-Isaac Brock again in the interview with The Onion A.V. Club

Isaac Brock has made efforts to go “clean” since his 2004 release of The Good Times Are Killing Me, in which he essentially confesses to drug abuse and his (restlessness over the activity) through lyrical rant.

Tragic Incidents

Rape Accusation- 1999

In 1999 Brock was accused under false pretenses of raping an anonymous 19-year-old girl. It is widely believed that the girl falsely charged him to land negative press on Brock, much to which she succeeded. The accusations, however, did not even place a dent in album sales. What it did dent was Brock’s faith in humanity, further reinforcing his misanthropic views. A notably popular series of reports were done by “The Stranger” at the time, a final one reading:

RAPE CASE IN LIMBO Modest Mouse Singer Still Not Charged

by Samantha M. Shapiro

LAST WEEK, MODEST MOUSE PLAYED THEIR FIRST local show since word got out in March that a 19-year-old woman had filed a police report accusing lead singer Isaac Brock of rape. From the looks of their well-played, sold-out gig at the Showbox and their upcoming tour supporting Built to Spill, the controversy appears to have blown over. Local columnist Reef Valmont, who writes “Kill the Lights” for on-line magazine Pandemonium, went so far to report, “apparently all rape charges have been dropped against Isaac Brock.”

“Apparently,” in this case, is a euphemism for “according to rumor.” The sexual assault allegation was recently passed on from the cops to the city prosecutor’s office after a lengthy–nearly three-month–investigation. Down at the prosecutor’s office, spokesperson Dan Donohoe reports, “It would be inaccurate to say charges have been dropped. They haven’t yet been dropped or pressed. We’re considering what’s going to happen.” Donohoe says the office expects to reach a conclusion in a matter of weeks. The detective who led the investigation, Ken Swanson, says he doesn’t think the prosecutor’s office will press charges. “Based on the evidence that I gathered, I think it’s unlikely,” he says.

Neither Brock, who denies the allegations, nor the woman who pressed charges could be reached for comment.

Candice Peterson, Modest Mouse’s manager, says it’s a coincidence that Modest Mouse hasn’t played local shows since the allegations. “The band may be signing to another label, and they’ve been out of town a ton because of it,” Peterson says. “The allegations haven’t affected the band’s tours at all. They’ve been really busy going to Canada, eastern Washington, and Japan.” Peterson also dismisses rumors that the rape allegations have Brock thinking about leaving Seattle, although she adds, “His girlfriend goes to school in Florida, so it’s a possibility.”

Isaac later commented after the case was over in an interview:

“It’s an allegation that was withdrawn, and of course that didn’t get any press. It was complete and utter bullshit, and the whole situation was so complicated that it’s hard for me to go into lots of detail. At the time, I figured I’d just shut up and give this young lady enough rope to hang herself, you know? It fucked up my life once, and I’d prefer to just let it go. Before this all happened, I never believed that anyone would lie about rape. That was my stance: No one lies about this shit. It really made me have to adjust my entire view of people, politics, and my own personal politics. I used to be like, ‘Kill rapists!’ And all of a sudden I have this false allegation against me. I remember totally writing people off that I’d heard had even been in just awkward sexual situations with girls, like ‘That guy’s a fucking prick, I’ll never talk to him again.’ It was weird being on the receiving end of that. A friend of mine who’s actually friends with that girl recently told me that she had totally withdrawn having said anything. I only just found out about that myself in the last six months. I knew that basically everyone, up to and including the police, was like, ‘This is bullshit.’ This person changed her story depending on who she was talking to. It was really just this fucked-up, weird thing.”

Whelp I accidently copied the whole page. It’s the last paragraph

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It’s all quite interesting though

Is it still worth seeing them live? I never have

They’re wildly inconsistent. Sometimes they’re great and sometimes they really aren’t. Because of the size of the band these days as well they’re often at the mercy of the soundman

I think there’s an old DiS interview where it’s mentioned. And I think it’s what Paper Thin Walls is about.

Seen them twice. Once on the we were dead tour in Manchester and they were fantastic. Saw them again at Shepherd’s Bush a couple of years later and it wasn’t great. They didn’t tour the last album here did they? So don’t know what they’re like nowadays.