Long form journalism / reputable sources

Where do you go for longer form balanced and informative journalism on current affairs/world events?

I used to be a staunch Guardian reader, but have really gone off the site, which is filled with click bait and dull opinion pieces. Looking for something to fill that void and help me make sense of the world.

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Financial Times has good long form stuff sometimes. Found out I can get free access bc I’m a student, so if you have a student email it’s worth checking


Some of the long form domestic policitcs and world affairs stuff in New Statesman is still excellent, I think, but they’re going a bit brain rot on gender and seem to have about five different versions of Adrian Chiles.

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I occasionally read stuff on https://www.bellingcat.com/ but it can be pretty heavy

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Bellingcat is a great source of crowd sourced Intelligence, but yeah very heavy and often as interesting for how they did it rather than what they find.

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