Long month this month innit

Long work month

23 working days

Yep, it’s one of the dreaded ‘31ers’

Feels like a lot

Did you know that Feb other than when it has 29 days always has the same number or working days (20)? I had never considered it before but someone mentioned it and I thought ‘of course’?

Not really for me. I get paid on the 28th so I got paid 2 weeks ago today and I get paid 2 weeks today on 26th because 28th is a sunday (so 4 weeks between pay checks).
Next month there is a gap of 4 weeks and 3 days which is not nice. And November is the shittest month. Dark, cold, long, and too early to be Christmassy.

Well done, you have won


I would like to share this award with Matt, my inspiration.

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Just meant the number of working days.

Could talk about working days for ever. No more beautiful subject known to man.

Almost 5 weeks between paydays for me. Brutal.

It already feels like I’m gonna need to take a vacation by the end, which is fortunate.

Oh, I’ve been on business trips mostly this month and not done much heavy lifting, so it’s flown in for me. I think November will be busy thoguh. And I forgot this was a Jordan thread. :laughing:

That’s ok. You keeping well?

Not bad pal! Yourself? :relaxed:

Also, the clocks go back at the end of the month, so it’s 31 days + an hour.

If only you’d saved this for tomorrow, you would have had a chance for


Please feel free to add the standard Feb working days fact to your Fedex arrow and how west places are.

Since when has FACT OF THE DAY™ been held on a Saturday?

The answer to that will be a contender for Sunday’s FACT OF THE DAY ™

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