Long Periods Off Work Sick

Last year after some fuzzy vision and headaches strong enough to melt steel beams I was MRI’d and CT’d to bits. Got signed off for seven weeks and did a phased return.

This week I’ve bee without for four days with illness. That’s my next longest.



Five days the other week with flu. Spent most of it moaning on here.

Dropped a knife on my foot in August 2014, didn’t go into the office for 5 days as a result but worked from home for 4 of them. That’s my longest absence.

Would have done best part 3 1/2 weeks with the old sepsis but Chrimbo got in the way. So I think it might have been about six or seven consecutive work days.

What’s the paid sick days thing you get with jobs? They should roll over into your holiday pay

Six weeks off with a hernia. Only really needed a fortnight, so basically had a free month off.

Think I did a whole five day stretch when I had hand foot and mouth, though I did some work from home in the final couple of days.

Had two weeks at home with a broken foot but had to work.

two weeks in november 2007 for labrynthitis

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Four single days sick in last six years I think? Don’t really do being sick or taking time off (touches a massive wooden table because I will now inevitably break a leg or something).

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3 weeks when I broke my arm, was dull as all hell.

Literally haven’t had a day off because of sickness in about ten years.

I had a week off for tonsillitis a long time ago.

My wife’s not had a day off sick in 18 years, the penis. Although I claim that maternity leave counts, just to anger her blood up.


Did your… you know… left handed skills improve?

had, with 2 days back in the office in the middle before i had to leave again, around 7/8 weeks off last year. before that i’d never taken more than 2 days at a time iirc. tbh if it wasn’t for the operations/crippling pain i would’ve probably loved it. just sitting around in trackies all day drinking ribena. living the life.

I went into work the next day to hand in my doctor’s note. As I was explaining to my manager what I’d done one of my colleagues appeared over his monitor and mouthed “can you still wank?” and did the gesture. To answer you both, no I could not.

Had time off when I broke my elbow falling off a bike. Stupidly came back to work after a week but my ever sympathetic collegues pissed me off so much that after two days I fucked off again for another fortnight.

Should have got an electric toothbrush

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Been off work since late December. Going to be quite hard to go back to a new job actually. Probably gone from averaging about seven to eleven hours sleep a night, rarely get out of bed before midday and have barely exercised in that time. Done the odd day of temp work.

Generally have quite a lot of time off sick. If i’ve got flu, or a cold, or a bug, anything like that, always take days off because i think it’s the non-nobhead thing to do rather than make other people unwell.

A flu or a bug yes but a cold, fucking hell. If you give it to someone they will probably pull through.