Long Service Awards - what you packing

At my last company you got given a Mont Blanc fountain pen for five years service. They went bust when I was at about 4.5 years… I just picked up my five years here. A certificate and a picture of me receiving it on the intranet! A great reward.


Never been anywhere long enough to get one.


It’s my ten year anniversary next month. I’ll let you know (it will involve me getting doughnuts in and not much else)

What did sean give you? I got a signed photo for my decade’s service to the boards.


Would you like us to knock up a certificate?

After twenty years I’m hoping I’ll get a pension that will keep me alive, permission to not have to work here any more and a bus pass.

Think you get an extra days annual leave added on every five years?

I can’t imagine ever receiving a long service award because I can’t imagine ever working somewhere for more than four years.

Oooh nice!

I got $25,000.

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Job 1: three years
Job 2: four years
Job 3: two and a half years
Job 4: twelve years and counting

It sneaks up on you.

  1. 1 year
  2. 4 years
  3. 1.5 years
  4. 5 months
  5. 3 years

I get itchy feet quite easily

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Nothing but I get an email from my old manager downstairs on the anniversary of the day I joined. It has the adverse effect than his intention (unless he’s doing it to mug me off).

5 years - £75
10 years - £250 and an extra 2 days holiday
15 years - £500 and a lunch for you and colleagues up to £200
20 years - £750 and an extra 3 days holiday
25 years - £1,000 and a dinner for up to 20 people (value not specified)
30 years - £1,250, dinner for 20 people and 5 extra days holiday

Extra days holiday are one-off for that year, and cash amounts are after tax/NI.


This is just reminding me that I’d really like a new job.

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THIS is what we were waiting for!

Got a badge for working at TGI Fridays for a year

You should change your job every 2-3 years, imho.

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20 years. 500 shares. worth quite a few quid.

There’s the catch.

Things I like about my job:

  • The (barely earned) pay
  • Not having to work hard
  • Not getting bollocked for turning up late

And it’s hard finding job adverts that offer even one of those.

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