Long shot, anyone recognise this?

anyone know what album this is? i took a picture of the logo because i love it but didnt take note of the actual record like a fool…

That’s (Love Symbol) by Prince


So help me if this is a jag tomclevitt!

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come again jezza?

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This isn’t your album is it?

You thought about reverse googling it?

Reverse Google-ing doesn’t work. Thinks it is glass or something.

Hmm looks a bit like a similar font Bjork’s used before but I’m guessing it isn’t one of her conventional records I don’t think.

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haha, not my album. i took it for inspiration in amoeba in hollywood. does a reverse image search work with pictures that arent on google?

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Probably not. Sites like TinEye claim to identify identical images, or images where part of one is identical to part of another. It’s highly unlikely that it would find a match between your photo and a different photo of the same object.

A bit of context might help. (I find myself saying this nearly all the time when responding to “Can you identify this?” posts.) Like - where did you see this? A record store? What location? The letters look vaguely like ‘g’, ‘g’ and ‘m’ viewed side on, maybe with an ‘n’ or a ‘u’ as well, but they also look a bit like Arabic script.

Is that part of a person’s head at the bottom right?

looks a bit like the top left of boom bip blue eyed in the red room. maybe something else on lex?

Thank me later.

Great album btw if no one’s checked it out.

Aha! Hence the “ggm”.

i’ll thank you right now! amazing

Nice try Gabriel!

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Gabriel you’ve gone too far and you should hand your head in shame