LONG songs







Love it when Jeff and his band just lock into this :yum:


I once had huge anxiety attack triggered by a lingering fear of death and the way I got around it was by going home, throwing this record on and ROARING along with it. One of the most cathartic fifteen minutes of my entire life.


I know you’re posting it as a joke but that album has some wonderful music on it.


Yeah I’m more bemused that they created something so long - I imagine it does, and fair play to anyone who has listened to it in full :grinning:


Dammit rediting messed up my first link - that’ll teach me


I’ve listened to the whole thing but not in one go! They said that the effort of doing it almost drove them mad. Steven Drozd said he never wanted to do anything like it ever again.


I see there’s a 50 minute edit/version - might give that a spin (an hour of uninterrupted music is about as far as my poor brain can take)


I actually own that on LP. Don’t play it much as I’m used to the longer version but it’s a nice sampler.


Crap - forgot this - play loud and it feels like the entire universe is disappearing (or so I would imagine)


This Dean Blunt remix is amazing too.


Not up to the previous Mogwai posts imo but still pretty good


Love that track.




great title too



Apologies if 11 minutes isn’t long enough, because I have a few of them coming.

The Smashing Pumpkins - “Starla”

I’ve been listening to this for I think 21 years now, and it still boggles my mind how a five minute solo never lets up and has every note and sound perfectly placed.