LONG songs


Colors by Between the Buried and Me is really one song. Theres a vid of them doing itnlive for a dvd and its unreal how good they sound


Temple of the Dog - “Reach Down”

An all-time classic Cornell vocal performance.


Also its not that long but She’s So Heavy by The Beatles is amazing


Kyuss - “Spaceship Landing”

What a way to go out.


I wish Trail of the Dead would do a whole album like “Tao of the Dead Part Two”


CSH does some very very great long songs. The middle section of this is rattling around my brain constantly

The solo near the end of this where his voice turns into the guitar is fucking ace as well, the song doesn’t work as well as a standalone but in the album it’s fantastic

These ones off monomania is also pretty great, but really shine within the album

And this is my favourite CSH long song. So fuckin cool, such great lyrics and all

Probably all time favourite right here. Just a great fuckin song


Sleater-Kinney - “Let’s Call It Love” (and “Nightlight” because it has to be included)

That part where they shift into the punk beat is one of the most massive-sounding things ever recorded.


also LUM:

and Earl Sweatshirt did a song in the same style that was great:

Where the fuck has earl sweatshirt gone? Last album was only like half an hour long. Pls earl


: )




Other than My Father My King this was one of my first experiences with long songs - stuck in the memory (is it really only one though? or a suite? Haven’t listened in ages). Surprised there haven’t been any Swans songs in here either!


I think Swans are persona non grata with a lot of people here these days. But yeah, plenty of options there:


can’t believe we’ve got this far etc etc


This was probably one of the first twenty CDs I ever bought, purchased because I was on a serious Slayer trip and Lombardo played on the album. Freaked me right out listening to it in the middle of the night in a field in rural Wexford while on Scout camp. Appreciate it a lot more now.


Glad I’m not the only one it made an impression on! I do feel like it gets overlooked next to their other albums.



Don’t really like the rest of the album but this is great!



I think this is a criminally underrated track from their discography tbh.