LONG songs


I can’t believe I forgot this back to back powerhouse.






Anybody making a playlist? Need something to listen to for the next 6 years.



Great story behind this one:


Absolutely love that piece, I’ve been meaning to get the whole book for a while:

“Then … the actual voice of God appears. “Ladies and gentlemen, would you please take your seats for this evening’s showing of Wings of Desire.” What? We are already sitting down. What does God even mean by that?”

“A monkey could have done what I had just done. A non-existent monkey could have done it.”


Jim O’Rourke is great for this, both his solo stuff and his collaborations:

And so on and so on…


Ten hours of pure bliss.



Some of my friends (perhaps too strong, acquaintances? People who were always absolutely lovely to me anyway) from when I lived in Manchester are also absolutely brilliant at this:

I really like this thread, as you can probably tell