Long term aims that have come to fruition


Hi DiS, haven’t been round these parts for a while. Got a new job see, and It’s dead busy and less private.

Can you tell me about a long term aim/goal/change you made, which was successful. Something you took up/gave up/altered. What was the positive outcome?

Can be minor or major. You don’t hear about results enough, or at least I don’t

I have another thread brewing about a rucksack I saw, so stick around for that if you want something less self analytical


Wanted to stop drink cow milk. I have managed although jeez the distribution of oat milk to convenience shops makes it difficult sometime.

Everything else in my life is an abject failure :sunglasses::hugs:


Wanted to make the top cut of a Regional or higher level Netrunner tournament for, ooh, two years maybe? Managed it on Saturday.

Slightly cheapened by the fact that I did the same thing several months ago for another game that I don’t play very much, at the first attempt.

Also not having to worry about money for me or for my mum’s retirement, but, y’know, priorities.


Reduced my hours to 9 day fortnights, spend the extra time watching the wright stuff then clicking refresh on here for 8 hours


Wanted to get fit, so decided to try to run a marathon in 3 and a half hours. Printed out a training plan, became quite boring for 6 months, ran it in 3:28:25


He said “long term”, m8


Idk, I think the last goal I made was in 2016 when I wanted to run a half marathon in under 2 hours. Was three seconds off.

Used to make half yearly goals of shit like “get a pay rise”, “get a new job”, “take my C1 German exam” etc. Would usually achieve them too! Feeling like that might begin to be possible again now that I am almost (fingers crossed) out of my almost 2 year long depressive state.


Decided to paint the bathroom ceiling 4 years ago, finally did it earlier this year.


Longer than a lord of the rings film, less of a struggle to get through though.


pfft 1h59m63s, innit.




Not sure what counts as long terms but I’ve been wanting to make cold brew coffee for about 3 months and finally made some this weekend.


I always wanted to have more than one cat and I’m living that dream :blush:

POTW – Nominations
POTW – Nominations

I wanted to do press ups and now I can do press ups.


I’ve recently purchased some led strips that will mirror the colours from the edge of the tv picture


I wanted to run 5k and I did it, I bloody did it.

Then I injured myself and I am still in pain 5 years later.

Don’t ever try to better yourself, pointless.


finally, a happy ending for the infamous “i want to buy some led strips that will mirror the colours from the edge of the tv picture (rolling)” thread!


Mortgage and debt free by age 50. Unfortunately I also have very little social life, no family or significant other. Still, no mortgage though, woo! :slight_smile:


Decided in April 2014 that I was going to move back home to Scotland, managed it last week.


Squat 180kg x 5 with good form = did it
Perform inner circle’s a la la lalong at karaoke = DONE
3rd stripe on my brown belt in Jiujitsu = DONE (on saturday actually :DDD)

Some stuff in the pipeline r.e. career that hopefully will fruit, but dont wanna jinx it