Long term vindications

Thread title is nonsense, hopefully you know what I mean. A thing happened, time passed, you were then proven right.

Graham Linehan once used a toilet cubicle directly after me and I felt pretty bad about that, but now he’s openly transphobic my only regret is that I didn’t take my shirt off and really go for it.


and needless to say I had the last laugh


I met Graham Linehan and thought he was a bit smug and unfriendly, and I felt bad about it at the time, because it was Graham Linehan and of course he was great, but now he’s openly transphobic my only regret is not lamping the cunt.


The wishitter Linehan
Is still on the liiiiiiine

I got stick for being an early adopter of the ATP are a bad company stance, also was right about redacted

He’s not very good at Netrunner, if that helps at all.

I disliked Glinner on twitter from the off. When everyone liked him.

Fully vindicated.

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Did not know that about Linehan, but now feel vindicated as I didn’t like him.

Everybody poos, pal.


Voting Remain.


Not even on Facebook, pal.

(It launched in the UK in my third year of university (2005ish). I thought the idea of one centralised service that knows all your details and relationships to people was way too sinister so never joined. By the end of my fourth and final year everyone was on it and I was berated for the next decade for not joining. VINDICATED.)

I always suspected that AQOS would be fucking shite when it first started, so I stayed well away. Dodged a bullet there.

Mate this is supposed to be light-hearted. We’re not talking of things of unrivalled evil like The Quiz in here.

they are nice and fluffy theses days - have you not seen the adverts?

Are we still allowed to like Father Ted?

All the bands everyone thought were great in 2005, I secretly thought they were shit.

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what’s linehan actually said. I can’t find anything objectionable in my 20 seconds of searching.

Seriously? Google his name and transphobia. It goes back years. He’s very open and unapologetic.



it’s impossible NOT to like Father Ted, so yes

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