Long Thursday April 2nd Day

I’m supposed to be working until 9.30.

Had two beers yesterday and now today feels like an endless weekend.


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Have to go to the bank in person because… have you tried ringing a bank recently? :frowning:

Then WFH, weekly shop, phone call and vid call tonight. A very busy day compared to most days atm.

Just about to video call my mum. Then off to work and that’ll be fun. Probably need to curb my boozing

Lots of meetings today.

Pub quiz with that nice but dull guy later.

how’s the foot?

Ok i think ta. Slepping with this boot on isnt easy though.

Did you know you can use our website?

Yes, and it didn’t work so I have to ring and eventually visit.

I once spent two separate 45m + calls trying to ask some questions about a tax bill I received from HMRC. It was terrible.

Feel like this is a grime lyric somehow.


I was waiting for 1h 40m yesterday and saw reports of 4 hour waits and was like… Fuck. That.


I’ve got a tag line. I feel like a new man; rejuvenated and reborn - ready to take on the world.

Probably just going to sit around in my pyjamas eating crisps again though.


I’m going to bake some banana bread this morning. Anyone have a good recipe? Including eggs and milk and butter (milk and butter will be dairy free tho)

Yesterday I did not get enough done and so I will principally be catching up on that today. Woo. Also in the schedule - crocodile crazy golf. This office is like Google levels of wacky

That one is dairy/egg free but it is the one I always use and always comes out decent


I keep reading experiences of people ringing for UC.

So so grim.

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Absolutely hanging


feel like there’s been a massive uptick in the number of banana breaders since the 'rona

i can’t quite connect the dots to why, but i’m working on it


Probs just the usual today of trying to amuse the bairn while being unable to go anywhere. Need a quick Tesco shop later.

Also got some chicken thighs to use and was going to whack them in the slow cooker. Any peri peri or maybe pulled chicken recipes that anyone would recommend?

had a proper wake up from a nightmare with heartburn situation last night, might be time to cut down on coffee i guess.

you gotta push through it

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  • I’ve been furloughed
  • I’m still working

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