Longest amount of time you've ever slept

I once fell asleep in my work clothes at 7PM on a Friday and woke up at 11AM on the Saturday. I felt awful for days after that

Not sure I’ve ever done more than 12 hours, probably after a night out or something

Slept through a whole weekend with occasional bathroom breaks when I had glandular fever.

16 hours after getting back from Arctangent.

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When we used to go to Florida, I’d not sleep on the overnight flight, then go to bed 7ish the following night and sleep til maybe 6.30am. So that’s 11.5 hours.

I’ve had other times (during illness) when I’ve slept maybe 4-5 hours in the day and 8-9 hours at night, but never in one solid block

26h after a particularly heavy Glastonbury.

Got home, showered and in bed around 7pm. Woke up just before 9pm the next day. Was absolutely parched with thirst and so so confused.

Edit - I was a teenager, so long sleeps were pretty standard (though never that long of course). Would be unthinkable now to even lay in beyond 6am these days…


Be funny if you were the guy who dresses up as Gunnersaurus.


Had an overnight flight back from New York, and arrived back home in Glasgow via London around lunch/early afternoon. Was during Wimbledon and I was desperately trying to stay awake til at least the evening, watching a match (granted not the best choice) and fell asleep at around 3pm. I woke up initially thinking I’d been asleep for half an hour, same sort of light, tv with Wimbledon still on, no damage. Then realised it was the next day and had slept for just over 24 hours, on my mum’s birthday, no less.


Just giggling to myself about Gunnersaurus having to squeeze himself, in full uniform, onto the bus or into a Fiat 500 at the end of a demanding shift. Popping into the cornershop for a Twix and destroying the nice neat display of reduced Christmas items with his tail.


Used to regularly sleep for about 12 or 13 hours a night when i was a first year student. Often stay up on MSN until 3 or 4am then sleep through to the afternoon.

Then when i met my now fiancé we used to just sleep all day a lot too


Just found @Rodion getting to work


Once had 4 hours sleep in 60+ (included a night crash writing an essay and a night of staying awake all night at a party to get around a gap between my house rental contracts).

When I finally moved into the new house I collapsed on the bed at 4pm and woke at 11 the next day. Then I had a cup of tea and went back to sleep until 10 in the evening. Felt more than a bit weird.

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I believe it was 16 hours (1900 - 1200)… it was 2008 and I was twenty. I worked about 12 consecutive Christmas shifts in retail (back when that was a legit nightmare) so I could have this specific day off to see The Mighty Boosh at the O2… on reflection, I wish I’d slept the full 24 hours instead!


16 hours

When I had an actual social life I used to batter it Friday night and Saturday night and sleep right through from the early hours of Sunday morning until work on Monday.

That said, it’s one of those things people lie about for no reason ain’t it, so dunno.

I think I did approx. 20 hours once.

17hours after a weekend doing loads of pills

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26 hours after Reading 2006. My mam thought I’d died


Maybe 14 or 15 when sick

I am gunnersauraus btw