Longest movable thing you own

Think it is < 50m clingfilm for me, if not 30m hose. Got some string but not sure how much is left.

How long would a tube of toothpaste be if you squeezed it out in a line you reckon


how long is the piece of string haha

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shame that clingfilm will never be expanded to its full length

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Can we pre-emptively ban @Elaina_Casoolare from this thread please?

There’s no way she can play by the rules with this sort of thing.

I’m remembering that Blue Whale 20 Questions fiasco. Fuck knows what she’ll come out with.


According to Google, all of a human’s veins and arteries stretched out would be more than 60,000 miles, but that doesn’t sound right, does it?

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Was gonna go for my blood vessels - 60,000 miles long if stretched out apparently!


Hmm. If it includes capillaries, maybe.


You can wrap your small intestine around the moon… 12 times!

That’s how Rod Hull died.


This is the giant redwood mess all over again… this fucking place.

You’re a giant redwood mess


I’ve got about 30 feet of blood vessels in me TOPS.

I mean that’s pushing it and assuming they all run up and down my arms and legs several times over which hardly seems necessary.

But what about yer bottoms?

one of those measuring tapes - 20m