Longest shift at work

Once did from 9am on thurs til 5pm on friday. I make that 32hrs. Any advances on that?

Nothing like that. Worked out I’d worked from 8 in the morning til 2am over two jobs with the only break the travel between the two.

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Multiple shifts but Tramlines weekend (I think) 2014 is the most I’ve worked in a short space of time

9am - 4am Friday, Saturday & Saturday. Spent most of it pished so it was pretty good fun really

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Did the sally army tent at reading one year. Grim af.

Had an after party with other staff from bars nearby. Someone brought a big bag of gak and we were up til midday

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This was at a proper bar so less shit than working a tent and slept in an actual bed. But also meant cellar work

Got caught in a storm that closed off motorway access from Brisbane to Caboolture, so I couldn’t get home and my replacement couldn’t get to the hospital. 60 hours. 1 patient (road closed, remember). I read most of Wikipedia. Nice overtime pay cheque though.

Many years ago, the owner of the company for which I worked decided that we would go live with new accounting/sales software in the middle of the week AND in the middle of the financial period AND without running parallel with the current software.

Five of us worked more than 36 hours to manually input every scrap of data necessary. The owner was not one of those people. Also, the software was shit and the company went bankrupt in less than a year.

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Quite regularly do all nighters and straight through the next day.

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8am to 7pm the following day?

Went through a period of doing that about once a week last year.

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If we’re counting travel to and from work, there was a day when it snowed about five or six years ago where it took me thirteen hours to get home. So add in my time at work and my morning commute that was about 23 hours

Comfortably over 40, akin to marckee.

Worked past 5 on a Friday once. Awful.


37 hours - two overtime shifts in the middle of a run of four night shifts. Raked in the £££s as our managers hadn’t considered us getting an unsociable hours payment on top of double-time. Put a customer on hold during the last 10 minutes of the final shift and promptly dozed off for a few minutes while they were waiting.

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Used to sometimes do 6am-2pm shift at one place and then 2pm-10pm at another. Did two weeks of it once, i once killer a man seriously (myself)

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