Longest short film / shortest long film

Short film
Only God Forgives
Length: 90 mins

Felt about an hour longer, was checking my watch after 30 minutes. Excruciating

Long film
Dune (2021)
Length: 155 mins

Raced by, didn’t start thinking about the length until about 10 mins before it ended

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I’ve seen Out 1 which is 12 hrs 53. Flew by! (It didn’t)

So long, my son felt pretty brisk for a 185 minute runtime

Shiva Baby feels longer than it is because its all so on edge

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Frances Ha was 82 absolutely excruciating minutes of cinema, felt like I’d just sat through Satantango on something.

The only long film where I’ve had a real “oh wow, it’s finished already?” moment was Winter Sleep (3 hours 20 minutes) but I reckon it’d drag if I saw it outside the cinema.


Turned off after 20 minutes thinking it’d been an hour


I like Frances Ha a lot but I wouldn’t fight anyone who disagrees

Paris, Texas is 2.5 hours, seems about half that.

Nashville at 160 minutes and Barry Lyndon at over three hours come to mind. Both were brilliant and the time flew by.

Have to disagree on Nashville, extremely easy film to get very drunk to.

Yeah I liked it a lot, but it didn’t go by quickly

Saw the trailer a few times and hated it more each time

Watched the harder they fall the other day and it was long but didn’t feel like a chore at all because of how good it was. Usually I cba with a long film and tune out. Any film that doesn’t catch my interest feels excruciatingly long if I’m not into it