Longest stints at jobs

According to our HR system, I’ve been here for 16 years, 10 month and 29 days.

I’ve been in my current position for 4 years, 17 days, but I’ve been in the team since April 2011

2 years and 5 months at my current job

7 years but not full time

Round it up to 3 hours

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never reached 18 months in the same place
shit’s not worth that commitment

About 3 years. Got paid shit-all and worked 12 hour days, eventually got “made redundant” with immediate notice so they could pay someone else even less to do the same job.

Fuck you, glenn.

about 6 1/2 years at an old job.

Genuinely quite enjoyed it for about 5 1/2 years of it

13 years almost to the day here. in this job since the ruddy great Olympics. seven years to sweet sweet retirement bliss.

Here since 4/10/2004
In this role since 23/8/2016
In this shop since 1/11/2017

Say that when you’ve climbed to the top of the annual leave tree.

Companies that give you more annual leave the longer you stick around are the pits. Tacit admission that the longer you stay here the less use you are to us.


13 years, 7 months.

When I worked in the Civil Service it was genuinely pathetic to see the pride of the people who’d got their long service annual leave allowance. Particularly since it was less than I’d had in my previous job (and my current one).

It’s also of course a cheaper option than giving you a decent pay rise, or proper flexible working arrangements.

why’s it pathetic? sounds like they’re just happy to have got a perk that they like

my dad retired in March but he was on something ludicrous like 33 days a year before bank holidays. when he was recruited in the early 90s he was offered amazing terms cos at the time no one wanted to work for local government

i get 25 but i carried over 5 (so 30 this year if i want), and in old jobs i used to work evenings/weekends so overall i’ve had it far worse than i do now

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Been here 7 years and 9 days

long shift


12 years, 11 months.

Like I said, the amount of leave was less than I got on entry at the jobs either side.

Just give everyone a decent amount of leave and pay them properly.