Longest time somewhere, anywhere

Inspired by 7 year anniversary here today (please no need for congratulations) this is the longest I have been anywhere, be it education or work.

Please, how about you?

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DiS, fifteen awful years


32 years in glorious Northamptonshire :slight_smile:


North London. All my life (43 years).

Longest time at the same place of work. 11 years.

been in this job longer than i’ve done anything else

i’m sad now thanks

Thank you for the second part of your post.

five years is my longest time in a job (not this one, though it will be five years in september, omggg)

You’ve been here longer than seven years!

you have to count new dis as a new thing because you needed to re-register

sorry those are the rules

This is my fifth year(!) contaminating these boards, although with a year and a half gap in the middle. That equals my time in London which must tie it for place I’ve been the longest.

Been on vegetarianism book for about three months now


Piece of piss isn’t it


Longest time in a job was just under 6 years. Too long tbh.

Yeah don’t know what people are on about with it being difficult tbh. Saw a photo of a roast chicken last week and thought “hmm, I could really go some roast chicken now” but then I remembered that it’s an animal carcass and it passed.


I’ve got a pretty firm rule never to outstay a year in any job. Either I’m off or they realise I’m not doing anything. Makes my CV look like a verse from end of the world as we know it but whatevers

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Still waiting for some congratulations…

Ur fired

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Been sitting on the stairs for about an hour and a half

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22 years in this job. FFS

Same job or same workplace?

I’ve had the same shitty job since 1998 albeit at different places.