Longest without leaving the borders of where you live

Right two categories;
a) People with outdoor space
b) People without

I have hit 17 days today and I am in the a) category

Failed it about half hour ago when I took next door’s freshly-emptied bin off the road and up their driveway.

I have been putting the bins out but that is literally one step out of the gate so I’m not counting that.

go for a run most days :confused:

Thread is a farce. Broken your own rules.

I haven’t stepped outside of the boundaries of my house for the past 4 weeks. Except to drive the 20 miles to work 5 days every week, 9hr shifts there and my daily walk.

And I’m about to


I leave my house twice monthly, by which I mean, everyday. :laughing:


Probably last week, like 5 days (B)

Right from now on I am going to do some ridiculous leaning when I put the bins out. If I hurt myself I know who to blame.


Plus I am going to contact the land registry and see exactly where my property ends.

And by contact I mean go there.

Not even two days, went to Costco on Tuesday night.

Just got back from the Post office so
3 minutes
Category A

3 minutes is the longest you have done? Impressive.

Thought it was who had the current longest streak. Thread is unclear and therefore shit. Muted

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No, you are!

23 hrs 30 mins

I know, that’s why I mentioned it.

About 6 days, havent left the borough in a month