Longest you’ve gone without


Booze: probably about 2 months (since I was old enough to legally drink).

Video games: think I went about 3 years without playing a single video game, between 2013 and 16. Probably wack on a game for a few hours a week now.


booze 1 month, only when i’ve intentionally taken a month off for whatever reason

vidya, probably 6 months? maybe a year even. tend to go through periods where i play a lot and then forget all about em for a while


Probs only about 6 weeks for alcohol tbh

I reckon 6 months or so for video games, even then I only really play FIFA and age of empires


Booze: 20 months so far!

Video games: dunno, few months maybe. Still dip in and out, but usually only a couple of games a year in the last couple that I’ve spent any serious time playing. Who has time for all this stuff?


Seven years and counting for booze

Excluding my literal job I reckon I would regularly go a couple of months without games in my pre-Switch days.


Using public transport? Used to bike it EVERYWHERE for a year (2011-12). Like, would tail my girlfriend who travelled by bus if we were going somewhere together.


That’s weird imo


Do you ever miss booze? I find that when I stop drinking, I get over the pangs very quick, but can get tempted after certain ‘trigger’ points like something really stressful happening or whatever.


Booze: 6 weeks over November and December a couple of years ago whilst working nights.

Video games: about 4 years so far. Not bothered with them at all.


Yeah, I know. I guess the first time you get a bike comes with this massive sense of freedom that’s difficult to turn off.





Like 2 minutes amiright lol!


This isn’t the “personal bests” thread, pal.


Booze: probably just over a week. I work shifts so regularly go without for several days and don’t miss it at all but I enjoy swilling when I’m off or working normal hours.
I know this doesn’t count but I did abstain for about a year and a half when I was about 16/17 as I had a pretty bad case of the old alcohol poisoning at a house party. But yeah, got over that. Eventually.


Booze: between Field Day and Visions in 2015, maybe 7 weeks?

Computer games: no idea when I last played one.


Booze: probably about a week.
Video games: never really interested me, tbh. Probably over a decade since I’ve played one.
Public transport: dunno. Used to live and work in the North West of England for about 18 months and it was only possible to drive to work, really. But even then I’d occasionally get the bus into town or go somewhere by train on the weekend. Let’s say 1 month.


doubt i’ve gone more than 3 days without using it since i moved to london. but similarly didn’t use it for about the first 16 years of my life til i had to start getting the bus to college. was (and still am) somewhat terrified by the buses in my hometown.


booze: 10 years
computer games: 20 years until this year, unless you count stuff on phones


should probably point out also that I was extremely poor at the time and needed to save money for food, which also played a hand in the whole ‘i only travel around London by bike regardless of the distance or inconvenience of others’