Look at my (inanimate) mate (Rolling)



This is a thread for when you establish a bond with an inanimate character. I passed this adorable little guy a few minutes ago on a stairway down from the Chemistry and Physics area.


He didn’t have a lot to say but what he whispered as I passed was intriguing.

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Ah, I see we’ve met.


Was going to go with never heard it called that before.


Check out this sad misshapen fella that I found at the bottom of my bag of Liquorice Allsorts. Turns out he was trying to say something.


Look at this little cutie


Cheeky boggle eyed left log friend


My log has something to say to Epimer


meet my new alien mate


Check out this seal (or whatever) I met at Sheringham beach on Saturday.


No entry eyebrow going on at Tate Modern.


Fearsome looking underground mate in Camden surfacing through concrete and steel.


I would run past this bastard.




In the back of a car with a proper cheeky air vent mate.


Look at this little guy with his big pal.



I thought camel, Jen says he looks like Squidward. Idk.



This guy looks pretty tough but he’s alright.