Look at my mate (Rolling)

This is a thread for when you establish a bond with a non-human.

This guy was on my desk for a while this morning. I think we shared a moment.

I like to think he’s giving me a kiss here

And lastly a parting thought from him.


I like the cut of this little guy’s jib!


There was this fella yesterday. Not been back and forgot to ask him what he thought of epimer.

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i’m glad you included the finger for scale

I love a good bird of prey

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He was tiny, japes. Tiny.

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I am best at making friends, or at least invading their personal space with my excited face and my phone -

Look at his wee belly!! I wish my belly looked as snazzy.



Rescued a spider from the bath this morning. We are now bonded for life.

I make the vast majority of my insect friends whilst hanging out in bathrooms though -

Monsieur beeington smythe the third -

Lady Wilhelmina weevil -

And milo the millipede -


Those photos blend so well that it looks like you found two beetles and the top one didnae help his pal up


I love a weevil, me.

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They’re look pretty cool but they’re bad apparently, evil weevils :smiling_imp:

Only because they decimated food stores for centuries. But that was before fridges, freezers and Tupperware - a weevil truce and reassessment is long overdue.

They’re mean to trees though.

I nearly thought this pal was a twig

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Really? But… the eco system! So long as we’re not swamped with weevils, surely everything will balance?

(I have no idea what I’m talking about)

Found this little guy when I was picking our daughter up from nursery - what a champ! Love a good butterfly, though I hate moths. Although actually, is this a moth? Because his/her wings are flat. I don’t know, I’m no lepidopterist. If this is a moth I’m going to have to change my mind and start liking them.


it’s a hippie moth


(me neither… my bf has to kill them for work lots because they’re bad apparently, but only a certain type… I should ask him in more detail before I start declaring things).

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