Look at my mate (Rolling)



I’m going to have nightmares


If I could remove the spiders I most certainly would.

They’re no mates of mine.


As per Billy’s advice upthread, I try to keep cellar spiders around to get rid of house spiders because I FUCKING HATE THOSE GUYS, but otherwise yeah, weird spiders go away.


Spiders: fine, really
Wasps: get to fuck


This spotty mate was waltzing around today having a right laugh at the buzzy bloke laying flat on his back by the window, unable to right himself.


Anyone think this may be a false widow?

It’s in my kitchen.


Started getting all the empty boxes out of the garage to take to the tip, pick one up and this lad comes scuttling out. Nearly gave me a fucking heart attack.


Iridescent ladybird mate by the front door this morning

It’s a Rosemary Beetle apparently.


They always come in at this time of year. It’s sad because they inevitably dry up and die.

I’ve put down some sugar for this one, who’s set up station in the bathroom. We’ll see how it goes.


Keep us posted.

This link might help.