Look at my mate (Rolling)

Didn’t get a photo but had a lovely little green shield bug hanging out on my shoulder when I was picking raspberries.

Also, look at all the life stages of different shield bugs


Glamorous slithering friend on my tent

No word of a lie - this sizeable mate popped out to say hello just as I was reading this thread.

They’re in my standard mate-catching device there - a lid from the case for a stack of blank CDs.

Matey was up against a skirting board, though. Tricky to trap with a circular device. Especially so at that size. It was a really rapid bugger, too. I took a two-pronged approach: firstly - bring in a bigger bowl for backup (not needed in the end); secondly - strategically place a couple of greetings cards as a roadblock to redirect it into some open space (worked a treat).

Enjoy the garden, pal - I’ve got a tolerance for spiders, but yer wingspan exceeds it: this place ain’t big enough for the both of us.

I’m itchy now.

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Jesus Christ, I’d have moved into a hotel if that turned up.

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New lizard mate


We had this creature in the house a week or so back…


Met some great shield bugs earlier but forgot to get a photo. I did however get a photo of the rosemary beetle being all irridescent and beautiful, and spreading its little wings. Love these guys.



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He’s coming on a bit strong there

Lots of great mates down by the river today


Spiky boi also found by river (cw: caterpillar)


I might be way off the mark here, but is that the river down in Garstang? Looks really familiar.

Always lots of top duck mates kicking around there, if so.

Not a million miles away… It’s actually the Mersey, in between Didsbury and Stockport. Worked here for ages without realising it was just around the corner. You walk past a big horrible entertainment centre and then all of a sudden you’re in beautiful serene countryside. Nice place for a lunch time walk to unwind for a bit :+1:

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This poor bee got stuck in the flat all day and found that it was a bit weak, so nursed it back to health with some maple syrup. Wasn’t long before it was buzzing away and flew out of the window.

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Oh no, I wasn’t aware of this at all :slightly_frowning_face:

I always feel bad telling people :slightly_frowning_face: but best that people know i guess

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No, definitely appreciate you passing on the info! Gonna look into getting some bee friendly plants :slightly_smiling_face: