Look at the state of this



I wanted to start a thread about I, Daniel Blake and the issues it throws up but let’s just read this and feel angry instead.


Maybe don’t want the words “fucking young” up there in bold for the office wankers.


good thinking


What I’ve enjoyed is the reactions to this article from people on social media who’ve been like “yeah what happened to Daniel Blake in the film is pretty much exactly what happened to me”.

Toby Young hasn’t seen the film and there are several paragraphs in this article which contain sentence after sentence of stuff which is simply factually incorrect. Do not waste your time getting angry with it.

Seems to me he’s just used his boilerplate “why lefties are wrong about this thing” copy but smashed some I, Daniel Blake stuff in this time. Ignore.


toby young in ‘being a cunt’ shocker


Might want to take the same words out of my post now for similar reasons.


He’s also the man who was all “it’s easy to run a school, don’t know what these lefty teachers are whining about”, and then had to retreat tail between legs when his school he set up failed.


I need to see this movie, man. I’ve scratched on a few times over the years and man, it’s the fucking pits. by all accounts, things are way, way worse now as well. horrible shit

fuck this guy and fuck this government!


Oh I’m not gonna read his actual review, don’t worry.


You’d have to be an awful twat of a person to watch that film and not find it immediately relevant to the struggles for a lot of people in our society.


I’m all for a bit of Toby Young bashing but that isn’t actually what happened:

This year’s GCSE results - 76% of the pupils achieved Grade A*-C.


I did some voluntary stuff for a food bank last year and every half hour, some poor cunt would come in, having had their benefits sanctioned for the most pathetic of things.some of them unfortunately didn’t have even have the mental capacity to understand what was going on. they just needed something to fucking eat and some benefit advice. was heartbreaking, I can tell ya

man, I fucking hate this world sometimes


The linked article:

“New headteacher at Toby Young’s free school axes trips and pupils’”

Harsh! And also a poor use of an apostrophe. See me.


Ha! Lynne Truss would have a field day with that.


There were more issues with the school than that- they’re in trouble with the auditors for dodgy financial stuff including not putting contracts out for open tender. (As are lots of other academy chains/free schools)

Also, they were massively oversubscribed and could have their pick of students, and weren’t required to follow the same admissions rules as LEA schools. So 75% GCSE pass rate isn’t that great when they have smaller classes and cherry picked students. It only looks good when you look at a school that has to admit all local students. I just looked up the stats for the LEA school I used to work at in East London, where almost all the kids were on free school lunches, and they had the same stats.

Also on a petty level, as someone who has been involved in running Kropotkin style mutual aid Free Schools in the past, it’s annoying to see these Tory bastards stealing the name of our thing.


going on about this a bit, but it’s bothering me

the worst thing about this foodbank (not sure if all are the same) is that you cannot just come down and get food. you have to get a little chitty from the jobcentre. so these guys would come down, sometimes in tears and you’d have to explain that you couldn’t do anything for them. they’d have to trudge back to the social and get to the back of the queue. this could sometimes take longer than a day.

also, and this was the biggest eye opener for me (again, not sure if this is just our foodbank specific) but you were only allowed to hit them up twice a year. twice a fucking year.

for one adult, you were allowed something like:

big box of cereal
pack of rice of pasta
tea bags
small amount of sugar
powdered milk
pack of biscuits
tinned toms
tinned meat product
some sort of pudding

there might have been one or two more items, but that was basically it. that lot, twice a year.


sorry to drone on. it’s been sat in the back of my dome and only just popped up. feel pretty shit now


All fair enough. I was responding to your claim that the school had “failed” but it’s clear that it’s still currently a flawed enterprise. Gotta say fair play to Young for a bit of self-relection on the matter too although it doesn’t seem to have made its way into his columns.


Like where I grew up, they still have the full grammar system, but it’s a very poor area with some serious social problems, and there isn’t really an issue with oversubscription for school places- you had to be in the top 35-40% in the exam to get in, and they were flexible about transfers in later school years. I looked up my old school, and their GCSE stat this year is 92%. (And I remember one year when I was there we got 100% pass rate)

Like if Toby Young is so great, and running a school is so easy, he should be able to easily beat a load of poor kids in East London and Medway at schools that take a much wider selection of kids and with bigger classes.


I can’t fathom what it must be like to have to rely on stuff like that.


And of course there’s the issue of what do they do if the gas and electric have been cut off?