Look at this magical nippleless being

Where are they though? No human has nipples that high up


This is such an absurd garment.

They say “tits” you say “how high?”.

quite right, absolutely appalling, the things these young people wear nowadays, absolutely disgusting. yep, just checked again, obscene.

There is no reason for this to exist, 95% chance of nip slip and you’d get terrible tan lines

/old woman yells at cloud


It would be quite helpful in reducing under boob sweat though…or making sure everyone knew about it.

They’ve photoshopped the nipples out because it would make the breasts in this picture look like eyes, obviously.

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Fantastic “I DARE you to purchase this” expression on the model


Can’t speak for everyone but my boobs would just slip through the gap.

Nobody’s going to buy this, right? Why are they bothering to sell it? This stuff mystifies me.

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It looks like it there’s a fake skin-toned panel on the front of the suit. Think we’ve reached peak clothes, no more clothes designing we have enough


Just bought myself one, cheers for the link Scout


Is this the filth thread?

my ears are burning


I think they largely make their money from people who buy them because they want to do an Instagram post about how shit it looks when it turns up.

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Hang on, it says “underwire” in the title


Or maybe it’s because people will send it to their mates for a laugh but their mates might buy something else while they’re on the site. Idk though, brands probably don’t actually aim to get ridiculed, so I’m really not sure what’s going on here.

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Maybe it’s Minoan chic


Looks like Pepe

Where it normally would be, under the bust. Clearly not having any supportive function on the model, but holding the top of the lower part of the front in place.

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