Look at this note in the toilets at my work


Who is the true villain here?

  • The person who has taken the time out of their day to type out “Please do not wipe your bogies on the sink. Thank you.”, changed the font size and bolding, printed it off, ripped it so it’s not a full A4 sign, found some tape and then stuck it to the inside of the toilets.
  • The person/persons who have put their bogies on the sink, either intentionally or unintentionally.

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The poll makes it seem like I’m the one putting bogies in the sink. I would like to make clear right now that it’s not me.


Human beings are complex, multi-faceted creatures


Odds on someone putting their bogies on the sign before the end of the day: ___________


c) both


Dirty cunt


both are heroes


i had an old job where the walls of the toilet cubicle were constantly covered in dry bogies. weird and horrible.


Was genuinely like, that’s a really specific % of snot to be putting on a sink


‘either intentionally or unintentionally’

How would one unintentionally put their bogies on a sink?


Accidentally drop it whilst trying to put it elsewhere (their pocket for example)


i didn’t think it was you til you wrote this, now i definitely think it was yiu


Bogies can occasionally fall free from the nose with little to no provocation


It wasn’t! I don’t even know what a bogie is! You’ve got to believe me, man


This person (definitely not @bergkamp) is in the toilet. Why put bogies in your pocket, when you could just pop them in the bog?


Woah, maybe this is a workplace ‘thing’?


Whoever typed it, wiped it


Human beings are complex, multi-faceted creatures


Or better still, wipe your nose on some loo paper and put that in the toilet.