Look at what the PC brigade have gone and done now

Something about Mac users.

old news no?

I mean http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2252516/Robin-van-Persie-killed-says-Sir-Alex-Ferguson-Ashley-Williams-kick.html


Elf n safety gone mad. Back when footballers were real men, they used to head leather balls all day and it never did them any-- Oh…


Be interesting to know what change there’s been with modern ball technology (lol) but yeah, seems sensible, remember having pretty bad headaches most mornings after matches and especially training as a kid

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There’s actually quite a bit of evidence to suggest it’s true, i’m afraid. Remember reading something about Jeff Astle. Course, people still get punched in the head for a living, so…


Looking forward to other countries never doing anything about this and dominating forever tbqh

When you read the article, you me-?

Oh wait, no one does that. Fair enough :wink:

Yeah the funny thing is schools will still user cheaper, heavier balls, yet the prem balls are SO much lighter and more cushioned. I think heading is fine, but they don’t need to do heading drills at school level anyway do they, really?

nah, should probs be playing head-height, 7-a-side stuff until about 14/15 anyway if we ever want to produce any half-decent technical players anyway

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Surely modify the ball a bit, not stop heading.

Also what about all the other sports with head injury risk like martial arts, boxing and American football?

I blame Islam. And the Jews. And immigrants. And benefit scroungers. And gays. And hippies.

LITERALLY can’t even do long term harm to children these days without some coddled snowflake having a moan about it.



America has already brought in a ban after 50,000 concussions were recorded among school football players in 2010.

From heading a (soccer) football? Surely that’s not right.

Tbf sport’s been nothing but corrosive to our society, just sack it off imo


you mean shouldn’t?

The worst is all those shit school coaches that are concerned about winning just chuck a tall, fast kid up front and pump it long, and float it in to the box over and over. One of the big reasons we struggle to produce technical players imo.

Finally, something* we can agree on.

*The Donnas don’t count

I look forward to this being trotted out as an excuse when we get knocked out of the 2030 world cup by a headed goal from a corner.



There’s a huge head trauma scandal about retired NFL players at the moment. Saying NFL knew the dangers years ago. But that won’t change any time soon. The yanks want their football.