"Look, I like sweetcorn as much as the next person"

  • Me, standing next to someone I’m 100% sure “quite likes” sweetcorn

How confident would you say you are in your ability to judge that someone quite likes sweetcorn (assuming they’re not actually eating it at the time)?

I would need to have heard it as a definitively expressed opinion directly from the person I was standing next to in this scenario

Oh, ok, that’s a little disappointing, but thank you for being honest in your answer.

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Any time

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what is your preferred form of sweetcorn, ant?

You know what, Eric. I “quite like” sweetcorn from a tin, I “quite like” sweetcorn from a freezer and I “quite like” a Corn-on-the-Cob alongside my Sunset Burger and Creamy Mash at Nandos.


any thoughts on creamed corn?




I don’t see its appeal really but I’m happy you’re happy

This thread could have been about anything really, I just picked sweetcorn

More of a hominy man myself

I think that there could be a joke with the punchline ‘an en-suite corn!’. I can’t think what the set up might be, but I think it could be quite funny.

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Sweetcorn sometimes appears in dookie, is this helpful?

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I’d imagine it could be, but if I’m honest I’m not fully committed to creating the joke myself.

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