Look, I've got football to watch in 15 mins or so but use this thread to come up with some new types of clothes if you want

Those elegant long gloves that Audrey Hepburn or whoever wears but they go on the feet (and legs) instead.

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Leggy bread


Cheers Shrewbs

Stockings with toes ?

Yeah, I suppose so. I guess they’re made of satin or something as well though.

Normal leggy bread

Ah yeah, kind of like Shrewbie’s suggestion but for the working person. Good call.

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Remember “overtired” vs “oh, they’re tired”?

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I’d like a strap-on.

Wait, what?

Yeah; you heard.


What’s Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong got to do with anything?

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Elbow hat


Yeah, that’ll do, Gert, mate. That’ll do

(I meant this as in “this is decent stuff” not like in the final line of Babe (the greatest final line in cinema history))

Kneepads with built in LED lights

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Gloves but with a variety of inbuilt utensils like those penknives the Swiss Army use.

Not sure how I’d market them though.

Little nose sock.


Nose nappy for when you have a cold

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