Look what those crazy BrewDog guys have done now!



The Elvis Presley estate made a move to sue BrewDog over the use of the name Elvis, so the founders have… ohohoh… changed their names to Elvis! Punk’d! Because if they’re called Elvis, then it’s just named after them! The cheeky scamps.

Would almost be credible if the blurb for their beer wasn’t literally all about Elvis Presley:

“Break out the rhinestone suit, gas up the Cadillac, and take this fruit farm for a test drive down Sunset Strip. Packing more fruit than the State of California, our citrus caped crusader will obliterate your senses. A zest zenith on the nose. Fruity foreplay gives way to an all out sensory assault. A truck load of grapefruit, orange and peach collide in an inter-state pile up. A fruity, hoppy cocktail of flavour builds to a crescendo and a bitter finale leaves you screaming for more. Elvis has left the building.
Pay homage to the bejewelled Beelzebub of fruity IPAs. A hopped up power ballad for the twenty-first century. The King is back and he’s juiced up and ready to roll. Elvis Juice, the absolute King in a world of wannabes.”


I really hate that they annoy me so much. Pricks.


I can’t stand their Punk IPA - it tastes like a mix of bleach and umbongo.


Joke’s on them, Elvis preferred a nice half of mild.


That Elvis Juice is alright especially if you go for the four for £6 at Tezbags.


Yeah it’s lovely, shame they’re such prannies about it.


Special offers in Tesco.

Punk as F$$k


self-aggrandising pricks!


There was a very good thread on Twitter this week by Chorlton Brewing about whether they should take up an offer to stock 300 Tesco stores. Lots of interesting stuff about how it would affect them for better and worse.


Was always surprised that they managed to get away with using the name.

For the record, Brewdog do not annoy me in any way…


I don’t mind a small brewer selling to Tesco, but BrewDog made such a huge, tedious thing about being alternative and sticking it to the man, that it’s yet another reason for me to find them tiresome hyper-capitalist skin-stealing jerks.


Yeah. Their argument is always “it gets more good beer to more people” is fine (and is the same argument they have for stocking Spoons), but it doesn’t square with their other stances.


didn’t know they sell it in Tescos, might hit that up

also might go to BrewDog on Saturday night



I find brew dog’s posturing more cute than anything. Like I read the bottle and go “oh you guys!”.


Elvis Juice is the nicest new beer I’ve had this year. Could drink it all day.


Elvis juice is delicious, it angers me that I enjoy a brew dog product so much


Decent beer, atrocious copy. It’s like they went to the most mustachioed, man-bunned agency they could find and said ‘please make us look like twats’.

I thought this overwrought style went out with Innocent smoothies.


Elvis Juice is lovely

didn’t realise you could get it cheap at Tescos

I live inconveniently far away from a big Tescos

I like Brewdog beer - and the people who work in the Brewdog bar in Brighton all seem very nice

Couldn’t really care less about the marketing etc


Yeah, that’s not how the “own name” defence works. At all. But I doubt they care.



yeah i really don’t understand how people get themselves so worked up about their ‘marketing’, it’s incredibly easy to ignore

always a big fan of their bars and it’s good that a beer as decent as Punk is so readily available these days