Here’s what happened: I thought you were saying ‘just remembered this article I wanted to share so gonna put it here’ and then I didn’t pay any attention to the joke because I thought it was the article title and just scanned over it.

Hope this information is useful and I wish you luck for the future.


We had a Gousto box once. We still make the recipes sometimes as they were good but it was no way worth going beyond the freebie/discount one.

Had no use for the sheep’s fleece unfortunately. I don’t think they provided a way to return it, just gave you some options.

Yeah sorry @anon82218317, scrolling in mobile I too didn’t spot your bold text was outside the article preview box! :cry:

Yeah we just did the cheap first one offer thing. We got a lovely wooden spoon from them as well. I was saying I really wanted to keep the wool thing because it felt like it would be useful one day but I had to get rid of it.




No please continue! It was a good joke, we just missed it because we are thick.

The single use you could come up with for it was “picnic blanket”. It was the size of a pillow.

Insulation for keeping drinks cold on a picnic


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And we will be all the poorer for it.