Lookalikes (you)


had a few people yell ‘pete!’ at me when I was a slim bean.



Jim Carrey
Harry Hill


A woman at a gig once kept trying to talk to me because she said I look like her nephew. It was odd.


Some film guy I’ve forgotten who it was now. Seemed like a jerk though so I don’t think it was a favourable comparison


I have been told by a few people that (pre-beard) I had a bit of Sufjan about me?

wish I was that fit.


Rango from rango


Basically any chubby brunette lady on the telly, but Beth Ditto is probably the closest. She even said I could be her little sister! :slight_smile:


probably one of the funniest videos around.


was at a gig a few years ago where one of the acts was this guy called RSAG who plays drums and sings live while screens behind him show him playing all the other instruments while recordings of them play in.

only about 2 minutes after his set finished, someone else in the audience came over to me and said “so you really do all that yourself?” had absolutely no idea what she was on about until i realised she thought i was him

used to get a lot of Gary Lightbody comments as well, they seem to have dried up in the last couple of years. dunno if i now look like him less or if it’s just because Snow Patrol haven’t released anything/been on TV in ages.


can I get a two? @pinkybrain has been Rangoed


Romain Grosjean & Havard Nordveit

Don’t really see either.





the overall manager of my department at work (one of those Steve Fleming types, all superficial charm and forced but unconvincing matey-ness) started asking me how my ‘development program’ or something was going the other week, to my utter confusion. no idea who she thought i was but i’m delighted she doesn’t know who i am.


Been told by a few people that I look like David Gandy, which is nice.


Just up the road from Bargoed isn’t it?


Someone said I look like Damien Duff the other day. Also had Nick from My Family and Kevin Bacon.

Basically, I’m ugly


Gareth Barry
Bill Callahan


An Australian guy and his friends once kept coming up to me to say how much I looked like his gf and kept trying to take photos.

Probably been told I look like every ginger person ever.


People get me and one of my friends confused even though my eyes are blue and hers are green/brown. Im a size 14 and she’s a size 6 :rofl:

The same friend is absolutely stunning though so I get pure flattered every time.


Him from flight of the conchords