Lookalikes (you)


Nah you are well hot


Played a gig quite a few years ago and the band on before us had someone who looked fairly similar to me (think it’s mostly just the glasses and fringe tbh). Our friends made us take a picture after we’d played:



Used to get called Jenner in school because there was a boy called Jenner (can’t remember his first name) who looked a bit like me.

I’ve also got a voice-a-like at work.


no u


As per the comments on this, Alfie Allen (i.e. Theon Greyjoy from Games Of Thrones)

Prefer it to the Martin Clunes / James Martin from Saturday Kitchen that I used to get. Probably changed again now my hair’s more grey though.


Got texts from numerous people during the last world cup to proclaim I looked the image of Andre Schürrle


Used to get “SHAGGY!!” shouted at me by some year 10s when I was in 6th form. Pretty sure it was because “It Wasnt Me” was out and nothing to do with scooby doo


Our CEO looks like Jürgen Klopp


Someone told me I looked like America Ferrera once at school.

They actually said “You look like Ugly Betty” but I’ll take it.


Back in my long hair, crop top, studded belt days - Johnny Borrell/Carl Barat/Noel Fielding. Basically any kind of awkwardly unhandsome man with a big schnoz.


Think we’re gonna need to see some evidence of this


I don’t know why I do this to myself.


no one famous. I’ve had people say I look like someone they know quite a lot tho or they’re convinced we’ve met before. We have not. Generic brunette right here :smiley: :wave:


Basically any bald man with a beard.

I get Seth Rogan a lot too, despite not looking like him. I guess I must have a similar chunky affable stoner vibe.


I had this at 2000 Trees last year, I was watching a band and some kid came up to me and went “oh I loved your set man!” And I was like u wot m8 and he asked me if I was in Dinosaur Pile Up. I am not, but then I told him about how I collect pictures of people who look like me


This guy


Bahaha I just thought your trousers were ludicrously low. This makes this photo just that teensy bit more special :smiley:


reckon i have the most generic face
nobody famous though sorry


saw someone who looked exactly like me from behind recently, followed him around an airport for ages


This is my favourite, a man who was stood near me in a pub in Llangollen and looked confused when we all started laughing when he walked past us later