Looking back on your Facebook timeline from 7+ years ago


total cringe-athon innit!


Well at least it shows you’ve grown. I deleted my entire Facebook history last year when I was making a transition in my life and it was great. Feels good to wipe the slate clean and push on forward. There’s an extension for chrome which can remove all posts on your wall and all the posts you’ve made on others’


Not even on it pal.

I imagine it’ll be like a photo album though. Seems good at the time, cringe for the next 10-15 years. Then glad you’ve captured the memories and look back fondly at how you used to be.

and how you’ve involved a huge company abusing your private data and trust



Even if I’d post stuff on there now (not that I’d dare), I’d inevitably cringe myself to death in a few years time.

I cringe at basically everything I do and say, when looking back (and instantly afterwards). It’s a potent source of self-loathing.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like this.


Not sure I’m any help to you there man.

Think I’m a bit older than you (and if I may say, for me…) so have strength/courage in my conviction that even if what I say or do comes out not as I planned I still know I had the best intentions behind it… Or what I thought at the time was sound reasoning.

Never been a big fan of photos of myself… But I’m sometimes captured unawares and I look alright .


Not really to do with photos (well, I guess it is a bit). Just the occasional stupid, cringe-worthy timeline post. Particularly between the ages of 16-21 (I’m mid 20s now, although I probably come across much younger).

Yeah, I still haven’t learned to accept this. I feel that what I intend doesn’t matter at all. I just always assume most people think I’m weird or/and a cunt, and that’s all that matters. That’s the mindset I’m stuck in.


*If my intentions are good, but I come across bad


Nowt wrong with being weird.

and the strength/courage comes from just being nice to everyone… so you know you’re not a cunt, f everyone else in the a. *shrug


Don’t worry y’all. If it ever gets too much, don’t worry, you could always be teenage Andy Carroll.



can’t be arsed to scroll that far but I like looking at pictures of me as a comedy teen with daft haircuts


7 hours*


Just use the ‘on this day’ bit to cull loads of old posts




The only thing I delete are comments made on my posts by people who I used to like but now despise.


I was 35 seven years ago so it’s fair to say my FB feed is pretty much a constant.

So glad no social media when I was that age.


Makes me glad I only joined 4 years ago.


was just posting shit about the world cup, including this great video:


How about…not.looking?


what i find most weird is seeing interactions with people i literally have no recollection of whatsoever


glad my cringe mechanism never let me have a livejournal