Looking for a black metal drummer




I just put out a one man black metal album - you can listen to it here (some pretty funny comments below the line FYI).

I’m keen to start playing shows soon so I’m looking to recruit a drummer comfortable with blastbeating at 155 bpm for long stretches at a time (preferably London-based).

If this sounds like your thing then either reply on here or email me at danecross1@gmail.com.



Best Album Artwork of 2017

this one is mostly silver if that’s acceptable


If he’s got good double kick technique then he’s in


Actually listened to this, and it’s great- good job. Like many of the youtube comments though, I have to agree the artwork is a bit naff.


Thank you, glad you enjoyed the music at least!


Saw your album got written about in Kerrang


you’re kidding right?

@SacredSon the artwork is amazing


@SacredSon Just wanted to say that this has grown on me so much that I went ahead and backed the vinyl campaign (£10 is a bargain!). Looking forward to hopefully catching you at a show soon, best of luck with the drummer search.

(Also, love how much the artwork has pissed people off)


Thanks very much, really appreciate the support and kind words! Think I may have at last found a drummer so should be ready to play some shows relatively soon.


Amersham Arms on Queens Rd Peckham pls


Or Montague. …


That’s what I meant. Brain not engaged yesterday, clearly.


bump (still looking)