Looking for a new comedy series to watch

Already on the hype train for that!

no it’s an Australian comedy drama series about a gay 20 year old and his friends & family
it’s really funny and well written and sad and one of the best shows i’ve seen at exploring mental health issues

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Toast of Loldon


Watched two episodes of this last night and enjoyed it for the most part. Good background TV.

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Flipping loved this. Really good show.


Undiscovered gem




The Larry Sanders Show.

Couldnt get into this which surprised me as I thought I would love it. Maybe should give it another go

Lady Dynamite (Netflix)


Steptoe & Son.

seemed like they just lifted Gareth from The Office for themselves to base a show around so never bothered with it.

Seconded, funniest thing I’ve watched in ages


I thought that at first (it is bizarre how much he looks and sounds like Mackenzie Crook) but there’s a lot of detail and thought put into the setting and characters and that. It’s certainly worth giving it a chance (I only did cause I came across it on bbc1 wicked late at night)

I’m on series three of Toast. The pilot almost put me off (it’s not a strong intro) but it has an atmosphere you immerse yourself in. I think it’s given me more of an impression of the kind of aspects Arthur Matthews might most have contributed to Father Ted

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Yes but also no.

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It’s worth watching S1 for the karaoke scene alone! My gosh!
Not sure about S2 yet