looking for a room in London in October

Hi I know there’s a classified section and feel free to delete, but I figure it was worth a shot. If anyone has a friend/band mate/whoever who has a spare room available in mid Oct I’d love to be in touch. Please save me from spare room normies who’s interests are “food” and “travel”

I’m happy to tell you about myself over PM or meet at a gig or pub so you can be safe knowing I’m not a murderer

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you know what site you’re on m9

If there’s multiple people with spare rooms can @Funkhouser organise a blind date style roommate choosing competition?

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@Ruffers is moving out of one but probably sooner than that

Happy to do it! As long as I’m in no way responsible for what happens after.

drowned in bovril and traveller’s cheques dot com

Mine’s already gone sorry pals
I see people posting ads fairly often though so will let you know if I see anything!


Please do, I don’t know where else to look aside from going to gigs and asking complete strangers. I haven’t lived in London long so I don’t have any friends with similar interests

Ah you’ll definitely find something! Any ideal areas/any you’d not consider?

I currently work in Surrey, but subject to change, I would still like to live anywhere south of the river within an hour’s distance of Surrey

Spareroom, and pay for the early access.

Would advise against using gumtree unless you’re mega desperate.