Looking for...cheap cassette deck/player


Anyone got a deck they are getting rid of or know places to aquire a decent second hand deck? Not wanting to spend too much. Alternatively, will a portable player connected to an amp sound appalling??!

Thanks for any help

in a similar dilemma, been through about three walkmans that seemed fine but died pretty quickly. bunch of old decks on gumtree on whatnot but taking a bit of a risk getting some old tank and it dying. new ones cost a fortune. hmm.

Best option is probably to take a punt on one on Ebay and then you’ll have buyer protection if a dud arrives. See if it’s a model that you can get belts for as these are often what goes.
Alternatively, try somewhere like Cash Converters - I must admit that I haven’t been in one for a long time but you used to see separates decks and again there will be some form of guarantee.


Thanks…good shout

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@Kirstysmetalhands deffo a few on there


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