Looking for Knoppers

I’m trying to get hold of some Knoppers today for a leaving present. Aldi; no luck.
Does anybody know some shops that will have Knoppers available to get right now? Thanks in advance.

I got my Knoppers in Home Bargains. If not have you tried Germany?

Are they any good? Their packaging is very clever. Saw some in Albert Heijn the other day, if that helps.

Just been in home bargains. I’m sitting in home bargains car park right now. proof.

No Knoppers. I’ll try a different town though thanks for the hint.

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This was in Byfleet.

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B&M sometimes have Knoppers

Too many miles. but I’ll have a deeks


Just get caramel wafers

Take it to the filth threas!

Knoppers have sentimental value for us.

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I knew you were a good guy.

Has anyone been in a new build home bargains before? I just did. Really swish.


Will have to get myself to Homey Bs this week! Need some bird food too.

Is Knoppers for birds?

Also a chance to check out the new Kieth Haring exhibition.


Men and women.

Don’t think you should be using that term.

Just went to Homey B’s and no fucking Knoppers… aaarrrgggghhhhhh

Have you tried home bargains?

Don’t think there is one around here.

My local sainsburys does them in the polish section