Looking for Knoppers


My local sainsburys does them in the polish section


something something joke about thinking you mean polish as in floor/shoe/other polish something.


Just bought 16 of the bastards for £4. My wife bought me one the other day for 55p. What a mug!


Where’s this good price @?


Wait, this wasn’t just a TST elaborate joke thread?



They were back in stock at Homey Bs.

I also bought a Green and Blacks for 99p but that has got some discolouration on it. Can’t win 'em all.


You’d love a Knopper, Theo.


No thats true you can you can’t. Congrats on the haul tho.




just bought 4 knoppers for 1 euro


this post is for everyone


Noppers for forks?



Saw a Knopper ad on 4OD last night!

The mother fucking Knoppers are coming to the mainstream!!!*

*not from the ad


I can easily get hold of knoppers


Just got some of the back of this thread. 4 pack for 99p in Home Bargians.
Verdict: Pretty forgettable. Like a big, more rubbish version of those Kinder hippos thing. Still, were alright


Yeah, proper hipster trash @Balonz


Sunday evening edition:

Anybody know where you can get Knoppers on a Sunday evening?

also need (strong) bin bags


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