Looking for members for lo fi song based alternative rock band

Looking for progressive, dedicated and driven musicians to start new inventive song based project in the vein of Wilco, Elliott Smith and Built to Spill.

My idea for the line-up is 2 multi-instrumentalists (Primarily Guitar and Keys), Drummer and Bassist, with me singing and playing guitar.

I have already written an albums worth of material, but would love to collaborate on what I have and to work on new material together.

I’m in my early 20’s, been playing guitar for 13 years. I know a fair amount of music theory (keys, time signatures.) Currently in another project, but will be focussing on this come the new year.

E-mail me at jamiebattenmusic@gmail.com
London based only, preferably North/Hackney way.


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I’m just answering this topic cause I’d really like to listen to some new music inspired by Wilco, Elliott Smith and Built to Spill

I hope you found some people Jamie