Looking for people who have dyslexia, vision problems, or old and crappy computers/phones

Basically I changed all the typography on my blog (and a few layout things). It all seems to work fine on recent devices, but I’d like to check it’s easy on the eye if you have dyslexia or bad vision. Also nice to see if it works fine on older devices that don’t always work perfectly with everything.

Here’s an image heavy post http://www.anoteonarainynight.com/70s-soft-toy-book

Here’s a text heavy one http://www.anoteonarainynight.com/2020-goodreads-reading-challenge

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Hi, my vision is getting a bit rubbish because my glasses prescription is definitely very wrong now, and also I am pretty certain I have some level of dyslexia. I found it fairly easy to read, it was a little on the small side maybe but it wasn’t a struggle to make out :+1:

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Were you on a phone or computer? (I can adjust the font sizes for the two modes separately)


How about when you refresh now?

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Yeah, that’s a much more comfortable read :slight_smile:

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This may not suit the look you’re going for on the site, but I think I’d maybe find it a little easier to read if the text was justified.

Not completely sure though.

(reading it on a phone)

My eyesight isn’t great but this is clear enough, usually struggle with white text on images but this is readable (Samsung s20+ where everything is slightly magnified)

Justified text is actually worse for readability

It used to be a sans font but it never quite looked right.

It’s also not 100% true about sans fonts (especially the way people slap comic sans all over things)- the ones where p, d and b (and sometimes q) are the same design but rotated differently make things worse.

Usually, yes, but there’s something not quite right with the way I’m having to scan across from different points. Maybe the columns need to be a little wider, or the text slightly smaller to get more words in each line, I don’t know. It might just be my phone, but I don’t usually have an issue with other sites these days.

What phone are you using?

Here’s another text heavy post

Moto G6 Plus, from 2018, on Android 9 (Pie), so fairly old.

Looks like this on I phone

Hm. Mine does this, for about as long as it takes me to read the first couple of paragraphs.

And then changes to this

Probably my phone. Did you tweak it to reduce the margins? The second image is definitely easier for me to read, and I don’t think that’s what it looked like when I read it earlier.

No, I haven’t changed any settings since last night.

However your phone might cache pages.