Looking for song artist and title


Hi, I’ve been looking for this song I heard years ago.

I think it’s from the 80s.

I has a chorus that goes like “oh ah oh ah, eek eek eek!”

It’s not the Witch Doctor song! Before people spam me to death with that answer.

Thanks in advance for the help!.


I forgot to mention, it’s an upbeat, dance, disco song.


@tigercrewtc to thread!



Sounds like the exclamation by joop advert


Sounds like Updog to me





was it a group of female voice saying that?

I reckon it’s the tom tom club - wordy rappinghood
go to about a minute in here


Try the tip of my tongue reddit as well



More ‘woah woah ee-yeh-yeh’ than ‘oh ah oh ah, eek eek eek’


Any mentions of hot dogs, jumping frogs, or Albuquerque?


he was @jazzboy
she was a girl
can i make it any more obvious

he was a punk
she’s @jazzballet
what more can i say


Thank you ! that’s it !


We can close the thread!
Thanks to all those that helped.

tom tom club - wordy rappinghood

was the song I was looking for.


I was quietly confident I had it :slight_smile: