Looking for the indie artists!

Music Puzzle app looking for the indie artists who want to include their song/track to our mobile game. If yo have your own music and you want the world to know and play it in Music Puzzle, please send us a link of your track/song etc. Check the game here http://musicpuzzle.vg

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Maybe check your grammar x

I think @squidpan might be interested in this


How much you paying, pal?

The Classifieds forum is elsewhere pal.

please, send me the mail to maria.very@tagwizz.com.mx

thank you)

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@TKC for sure i will, thanks

I think that tells me everything we need to know.

alright, the velvet underground

edit: this doesn’t actually work cause i misremembered the song title. Ah well


She got into hats

(insert razorlit.jpg here)

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i think @moousee knows her