Looking forward to the new pound coins?



A bit marckee I know, but I am

bimetallic, hologram, 12 sides. They sound cool as. And they will be here in a month’s time!


being totally honest, i can’t say that i am



Very very rarely have cash on me, so mehhhhh.


Plastic by name, plastic by payment


Doesn’t even rhyme.


Being excited about the new pound coins isn’t cool, witty, sexy or humble, so I don’t know why you’ve tried to liken it to me.


So near So card


Plastic by name, plastic by paym (ent)


Always get a mild rush of excitement first time I handle a new piece of currency and anyone who says they don’t needs to take a long hard look in the mirror.


Not quite as exciting as plastic/meat fivers though is it?


How much will the first ones be worth this time and will everyone be acting like these are the first pound coins known to humanity? (this is just about the right level of snide for a dis comment)


can’t fucking wait


Wondering how long before the Isle of Man or Gibraltar get them and we get flooded with their shit coins again.


Guys. “Change”. Think about it.



How are heavy coins lined up?


Either crane or fork lift depending just how heavy we’re talking


What about vending machines?


If you read the article it implies most common ones will already be setup to use the new pound coins as the plans have been clear since 2014


Read the article? Why would I do that?